Kinga Tshering
Chief Executive Officer
TVET Reforms Project, Prime Minister’s Office

With a Masters in Public Administration program from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Kinga Tshering is currently the Chief Executive Officer of TVET Reforms Project with the Prime Minister’s Office. He is also a former Member of Parliament in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

He was an Engineering Fulbright fellow at the University of Kansas, has a Masters in Dispute Resolution and a Masters in Business Administration at the Pepperdine University, a Ford Foundation Mason Fellow with a Masters in Public Administration at Harvard Kennedy School, and was also enrolled in the Master of Divinity program at Harvard Divinity School.

Kinga Tshering was a Politician, a legislator and a corporate executive in the state enterprise like the Bhutan Power Corporation, Bhutan Electricity Authority, Druk Holding Investments and Bank of Bhutan Limited. He also has experience in the finance, banking, energy and the infrastructure sectors in various roles from Chief Executive Officer to Board Member leading to corporate restructuring, change management, strategy and social enterprises.

He is currently on the board of DHI and also leading the National Task Force for development of Bhutan’s Economic Road Map for the 21st Century.

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