Auditors attend Hydropower auditing training

February 26 | Kuensel
By Rinchen Zangmo, Tsirang

More than 50 auditors attended a three-day training on hydropower system auditing in Tsirang.

Royal Audit Authority’s (RAA) deputy auditor general, Ugyen Dorji, said that the programme was conducted to further broaden the understanding of hydropower projects in the country. “As the country awaits many more hydropower projects, it is important that auditors have some knowledge about the workings and system of the hydropower.”

He said that auditors usually looked at whether targets had been achieved on time and whether the project had benefited people. “It is important to know what kind of challenges the project faced and whether it was associated with budget, environment or management as it would help improve efficiency in the use of public resources.”

Ugyen Dorji said that RAA’s aim was to improve governance by enhancing accountability and transparency through oversight and insight reports. “It is of paramount importance to enhance the capacity of auditors in multidimensional areas to remain relevant and add values to lives of citizens.”

The training also revolved around legal and institutional frameworks, contractual setups, possibilities of technical and economic analysis, cost control, budget frameworks and international requirements, among others.

Klaus Walcher, one of the resource persons, said that auditing every project was important as it provided a fair and independent assessment. “Although hydro-power projects are normally risky because there are possibilities of different situations [involving] geology, hydrology, and financing, clear planning and risk assessment could be used to allocate budget for possible risks that may arise.”

Usually a project could have cost overruns for specific parts such as civil, electrical and consulting works, among others, he added. “However, it doesn’t mean that the whole project is over running. It could mean that some items can be changed, adapted, and added.”

The training, which ended on February 21, was part of the capacity development project which was initiated since 2012.Austrian Development Agency funded the project. Through the project, the authority has developed 22 audit manuals and two policy documents.

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