Installed capacity     : 2×12 MW: 2x20MW
Design energy            : 291 MU
Project scheme          : Run off the River
Project commission: 2001 – 2004

The 64 MW Basochhu Hydropower Plant (BHP), located in Wangduephodrang dzongkhag, is one of the power plants (profit centre) of Druk Green Power Corporation Limited (DGPC). DGPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Druk Holding and Investments established in 2008 with the merger of the erstwhile hydropower corporations in the country.

The upper stage power plant has a total installed capacity of 24 MW. The upper stage taps the Basochhu from above the “Chhubotoraysa” waterfall. The discharge from the upper stage power plant is made available for generation of electricity at the lower stage power plant through a pondage scheme.

The lower stage power plant has a total installed capacity of 40 MW, two generating units of 20 MW each and a mean annual energy generation of about 185 million units. The lower stage taps 8 cubic meters of water per second from the tailrace of upper stage and an additional flow of 2 cubic meters per second from the Rurichhu.

Salient Features

Historical Development

Operation Highlights

Financial Performance

Renovation and Modernisation

Due to obsolescence of SCADA system and owing to the difficulties in obtaining technical support and spares, BHP is replacing its present SCADA system with a more reliable and efficient system with the work awarded to GE, India.

Socio-Economic Benefits and Sustainability

The neighbourhood communities of Hebesa and other villages under Gase Tsogom gewog have been greatly benefited since the establishment of the Basochhu Project as the project has enabled growth of other facilities such as school, road network, medical and telecommunication infrastructure in the project area.

BHP is conscious, of the need to maintain a sense of harmony with the community and environment. Continuous programs to maintain and protect downstream aquatic life and plantation activities in the project area are carried out.


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