Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd. (DGPC), as the single entity representing the Royal Government of Bhutan’s interest in the hydropower sector, is expected to play a key role in accelerating Bhutan’s hydropower development, and the operation and maintenance of the existing hydropower plants. A very important mandate of DGPC is to build capacity in the water-to-wire business in hydropower sector. Therefore, in the pursuit to fulfil its mandate, one of the initiatives taken by DGPC was the establishment of the four Centres of Excellence (CoEs), between 2010 & 2013 to contribute towards fulfilling the shortages of a team of experts who can responsibly build highly specialised skills and undertake specialised works which otherwise are dependent on external expertise. The existing four CoEs are:

  1. Centre of Excellence for Dielectric Material Analysis (CoEDiMA) in Chhukha Hydropower Plant
  2. Centre of Excellence for Vibration and Thermographic Analysis (CoEVaTA) in Chhukha Hydropower Plant
  3. Centre of Excellence for Control & Protection (CoECaP) in Tala Hydropower Plant
  4. Centre of Excellence for Gates and Instrumentation [civil structure] (CoEGIcs) in Chhukha Hydropower Plant

With the experience gained from the existing CoEs and also to provide impetus to the existing CoEs so as to focus more on the research – oriented services, Hydropower Research & Development Centre (HRDC) was established in 2015 by merging the four existing CoEs. Further, considering the future growth and expansion of its services, the base of the HRDC was shifted from Chhukha to Rinchentshe in early 2018 and also established as an independent Profit Centre.

Currently, HRDC has a trained and experienced professionals, who have been certified by reputed institutions to undertake special testing and diagnostic jobs using state-of-the-art testing equipment in all hydropower plants under DGPC, and also offer such professional services to industries in Bhutan and neighbouring places in India. Further, HRDC is also involved in sharing its experiences and competencies by imparting training and participating in international events by publishing papers and professional engagement.



“To be a multidisciplinary hub with highly specialized engineering and cutting – edge research that provides smart and sustainable solutions to hydropower sector”
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  1. Support DGPC mandates as a responsible developer of sustainable hydropower resources
  2. Reduce dependency on external expertise by building in-house competency
  3. Provide better, reliable and affordable specialized services, particularly to the hydropower sector
  4. Engage in research and development activities for improvement of efficiency in the hydropower sector
  5. Help transform the standards of engineering expertise, practices and safety by engaging in knowledge sharing activities with educational institutes and related industries.

CoE Condition Based Monitoring (CoECBM)

  • Testing of Transformer Oil
  • Condition Assessment & Monitoring of Power Transformer
  • Lubricant & Hydraulic Oil Testing
  • Sediment Analysis of River Water
  • Machinery Vibration Analysis
  • Non-Destructive Test (NDT)
  • Rotor Alignment & Leveling
  • Ground Vibration Measurement & Analysis
  • Remote Vehicle Inspection System (RVIS)
  • EOT Crane & Load Testing
  • Calibration of measuring instruments
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Primary injection testing on transformer by CoEACaP

CoE automation, Control and Protection (CoEaCaP)

  • Energy Meter Tests
  • Primary Injection Tests (Generators, Transformers, CT, PT, etc.)
  • Secondary Injection Tests (Protection System, Transducers, etc.)
  • Cable & Transmission Line Diagnosis
  • Ground System Analysis
  • Insulation Diagnosis
  • Battery Diagnosis
  • Circuit Breaker Diagnosis
  • Data Acquisition
  • Software Modelling & Simulation

CoE Civil & GEOTECHNICAL Engineering (CoECGE)

  • Underwater Diving & Inspection
  • Rectification of Hydromechanical Gates
  • Bathmetry Survey
  • Grouting Services
  • Geo-technical Instrumentation Monitoring
Repairing damaged high performance concrete on spillway glacis by CoECGE


  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Engineering related services
  • Research activities in the related fields
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