“To be the preferred Bhutanese provider of smart and sustainable solutions for electrical systems”


  • Support Druk Green attain and sustain its noble mandates
  • Provide world-class engineering and testing services for electrical systems and help attain high reliability and efficiency. At CoECaP, we strongly believe in saving energy for every unit of energy saved is a unit of energy generated
  • Help transform the standards of engineering expertise, practices, and safety in Bhutan by engaging in knowledge sharing activities with educational institutions and related industries


The Centre of Excellence for Control & Protection (CoECaP) was established in 2010 as part of a strategy to centralise specialist services in certain essential fields for hydroelectric facilities in Bhutan. That was a direct consequence of Druk Green's mission to operate and manage the hydropower assets with high effectiveness and efficiency. In line with the mission, CoECaP has been striving to develop the expertise and facilities to achieve self-sufficiency in high-quality engineering and testing services for electrical systems.

As the electricity grid in Bhutan expands and the network components operate with reduced security margin, the network operator and the stakeholders alike have to be prepared to handle complex operational situations. Recognising the need, CoECaP has initiated to develop the technical know-how and skills in performing realistic power system studies. Bhutan’s evolving power network is being evaluated for load flows, short-circuits and stability issues, among others, using MiPower and other simulation software. Works are underway to model and validate the main control systems of the existing hydropower plants.

On the testing front, the Centre has made substantial progress by acquiring state-of-the-art test instruments and using them to conduct field tests. We are already helping our power plants and other industrial customers achieve enhanced efficiency and reliability by providing high-quality diagnostic and testing services for their electrical assets. The Centre is also in the process of developing the expertise in correct diagnosis and monitoring of insulation quality of electrical equipment, particularly the high voltage and rotating machines.


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Centre of Excellence for Control & Protection (CoECaP)
Tala Hydropower Plant, Tabji, Chukha
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