"To build a world class Centre in the field of Hydro Gates and Instrumentation for civil structures"


  • To provide specialised services to all power plants under Druk Green and later, to other power plants and industries
  • To engage in research and development activities that will assist in the improvement of design of gates and instrumentation (civil structures) of new hydropower plants


Druk Green, currently operate and maintain four mega hydropower plants with the combined generating capacity of 1,480 MW. However, with the Royal Government’s mission to add 10,000 MW by 2020, it is imperative that the role of Druk Green in the power sector will be increased. This, not only requires proper operation and maintenance of power plants, but also demands the need to develop human resource competencies, who can undertake the diagnostic jobs, incorporate improvements/renovations as per the changing technologies.

Further, in order to minimise the dependency on the expatiate expertise and also with the intention to build in-house expertise in the field of Hydro Gates and Instrumentation for civil structures, the Centre of Excellence for Gates and Instrumentation (Civil Structures) was established at Chhukha Hydropower Plant in 2013.  Beside providing professional services to all the power plants, the Centre has also initiated for the development of professional underwater divers for undertaking inspection and maintenance works of underwater equipment of the power plants and other industries.



Chhukha Hydropower Plant, Druk Green Power Corporation Limited

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