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Druk Green research and development (R&D) officials visited some of the eastern and north-eastern region of India to promote the various services offered by the centres of excellences from October 13 to 15, 2016.

These officials are working with the various Centre of Excellences under the R&D centre, namely – Vibration and Thermography, Control and Protection and Dielectric Materials Analysis.

During their visit to the Teesta Low Dam-III and Teesta Low Dam-IV Power Stations in West Bengal and Teesta-V Power Station in Sikkim, they met the management and other officials of the power stations.

First-hand information on various electrical, mechanical and other condition monitoring tests done in the hydropower plants of Bhutan was disseminated through print material, followed by detailed presentations. Participants of the power stations were informed on the importance of various tests carried out by R&D centre for smooth operation of the hydropower plants in Bhutan.

An intensive questions and answers session was also welcomed on the root cause analysis for failure of power plant’s equipment and its remedial measures. Besides, the receiving appreciation for the R&D centre’s specialised services, a service promotional visit to NHPC Power Stations in eastern and north-eastern India was appreciated and edifying.

Promoting-Druk-Green-services-beyond-the-national-boundaries Promoting-Druk-Green-services-beyond-the-national-boundaries2