DGPC Launched Recruitment & Selection System

DGPC Recruitment & Selection System was Launched on March 31, 2021. The system was developed by iTechnologies based on SharePoint platform. The RSS system was launched by Hon’ble Dasho MD of DGPC on March 31, 2021, in presence of DGPC Management and CEO from M/s iTechnologies.

The Recruitment and Selection system is aimed to achieve the following automation processes:

  • (i) Interface for job seekers and HR to interact and easily complete the application process.
  • (ii) Interface to the HR administrator to complete the recruitment cycle.
  • (iii) Well-defined GUIs for HR to advertise vacancies, customize the job application form.
  • (iv) Central repository in SharePoint server for proper storage and auditing of recruitment details.

The Recruitment & Selection System (RSS) is expected to make the recruitment process faster, more effective and efficient through improved online application and recruitment process management and ultimately provide an end-to-end online recruitment process.


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