Mangdechhu project’s commission slated for April

March 1 | Kuensel
By Nim Dorji, Trongsa

The 720 MW Mangdechhu Hydro Project Authority (MHPA) plans to generate full power by monsoon.

Managing director AK Mishra said the project is aiming to commission all four units in April for it to be able to come on stream before monsoon.

“The diversion tunnel is under plug in and we are trying to raise the water level as well,” he said. “We are aiming to spin machine unit one by the end of March and then start the commission process.
Each unit of the power-house is capable of generating 180 MW of power and the four units would together produce 720 MW.AK Mishra said that the pressure shaft is filled up and there is no leakage. “Technically it is a big achievement for us, otherwise there will be many issues.”

The project had earlier planned to spin one of the 180 MW unit in the powerhouse or turbine on December 31 last year.  In January this year, the MD had said that two units, capable of generating 360MW would be commissioned by February and by March 31.
According to the MD, the commission of all four units is now scheduled for next month. The delay, he said, is that during the 13th MHPA authority meeting, the authority had advised the project to not rush.

As the project nears commissioning, landscape work, beautification of the dam and other final touches are being carried out. With the tender floated, AK Mishra said landscaping works at the power-house would begin soon.

As per the detailed project report (DPR), the MHPA commissioning period was projected at 71 months. However, the period got extended to 81 months with nine months delay. The delay according to AK Mishra was because of unforeseen circumstances.

The project plans to commission all four units in April
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