MHPA expects to be fully commissioned in July

May 25 | Kuensel
By Nim Dorji | Trongsa

The first two units of the Mangdechu Hydro Power Authority (MHPA) are scheduled for commission next month and another two units in July.

This date was finalised based on the work progress for the rectification work on the adit gates.

The project’s managing director, A K Mishra said that 65 percent of dewatering in HRT is completed.” Everything is done as per the progress,” he said.

He said that the ratification work on the gate in adit one and three are under way and scheduled to complete in two days.

“We will open adit 5 on May 25 where the ratification of the adit gate will be carried on.”

While testing the water conductor system, including the intake tunnel, headrace tunnel and tailrace tunnel, three minor leakages were spotted at the adit tunnels.

According to a source, the ratification of the gate cannot be completed in two days since welding work alone would take two days. “The sealing of the gate would take another two days.”

Adit tunnels are tunnels excavated to access the central point from where the hydro tunnels like headrace and tailrace are constructed. After the construction of main tunnels, adit tunnels are plugged and concreted.

The leakages were to be repaired by dewatering the tunnel. Draining of water from the tunnel began on May 7 where three meters of water was depleted everyday.

The tunnel will be charged with water in a week after the completion of the ratification work according to AK Mishra. “The commission of unit one will be done on June 16 and unit two on June 30.”

Commissioning of the remaining unit three and four are planned on July 15 and 25.

Mangdechhu project is expected to export three billion units every year to India. The export tariff was recently finalised at Nu 4.12 a unit.

Repair works underway at the adit gates
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