MHPA team celebrates inauguration of project

August 19 | Kuensel
By Nim Dorji, Trongsa

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering inaugurated the 720 megawatt (MW) Mangdechu Hydroelectric Project Authority (MHPA) in Semtokha dzong, residents of Trongsa and MHPA staff watched it live in the powerhouse.

Residents of Drakteng and Langthel gewog, the business community and civil servants of the dzongkhag, staff of MHPA and local leaders from Bumthang and Zhemgang watched the live inauguration of the project on screen in the powerhouse on August 17.

Trongsa dzongdag graced the inaugural ceremony at the MHPA site.

Trongsa Dzongdag Tenzin Dorji said everyone in the country, especially the people of Trongsa, are happy with the inauguration of the 720MW MHPA.

He said that MHPA is an exemplary project in the region to be commissioned on time and with quality. “The symbolic success of the completion tells the confidence that Bhutanese have the capacity to take on mega projects.”

He said about 90 percent of the MHPA workers were Bhutanese.

Tenzin Dorji said that Bhutanese people have gained experience from the project and could work in any such project in future.

Trongsa rabdey monks consecrated and blessed the powerhouse.

The 720MW MHPA construction started in March 2012 and all the major works were completed in March 2019. The project cost is around 52B.

Langthel gup Sonam Dhendup said MHPA benefitted the local residents, as the basic health unit was upgraded to a grade III BHU, three financial institutions opened up branch offices in the locality and business thrived.

MHPA will be generating around 3 billion units of power in a year bringing in revenue of about Nu 12B annually. The 720 MW power will be directly sold to India at the tariff of Nu 4.12 per unit.

The celebration began with marchang ceremony
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