Tandin Tshering
Director General, National Assembly
Position: Non-independent and Non-Executive
Date of Appointment: March 23, 2020 (13th AGM)
DHI Companies: DGPC

Tandin Tshering currently serves as the Director General, National Assembly. Before that, he served as the Director General, Department of Cottage and Small Industry, and Director, Department of Industry.

With over two and half decades of experience in trade and industries promotion, Tandin Tshering also served as a board director in various Government Institutions, State Owned Enterprise and public companies such as Druk PNB Bank Limited, State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited, Woodcraft Centre Limited, Tertiary Education Board and Royal Institute of Management. He is currently on the Board of Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Arts & Craft and Farm Machinery Corporation Limited. He has a Masters Degree in Business Management.

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