Bhutan: an exemplary country in terms of ecology

France Televisions | A.Forget, G. Baslé, N. Sinchuri | January 30, 2023

Bhutan is an example to follow in terms of CO2 emissions since the country claims to have a negative carbon balance.

Bhutan is a mountainous country in the Himalayan range between China and India. Only 750,000 inhabitants in the country, but a real benchmark in terms of CO2 emissions, since it ensures more than it emits. The country’s very important forests, which cover 70% of the territory, allow it to display such a good carbon balance.” These trees are a source of life, they absorb pollution like carbon and release oxygen”, describes Pobjikha Tsogpa, forest ranger.

Measures taken to limit emissions

Although the carbon balance is due to forests, measures have been taken to limit emissions. So all of the electricity comes from hydraulics. The carbon balance is certainly negative, but with a population which is increasing and which is getting richer, emissions are increasing as in the capital, where the number of vehicles has increased sharply in recent years. The government therefore wants to convert cars to electricity. For this, subsidies are given to drivers. In the countryside, too, this ecological aspect is important.