DGPC, in fulfilling its vision and mission, plays a major role in supporting the communities through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. DGPC continues to improve the quality of life of the communities through long-term value creation for all stakeholders. This objective is for aligning DGPC’s CSR with Bhutan’s overarching development policy of “Gross National Happiness.” Towards achieving this, DGPC continues to support community related religious, educational, social, and environmental activities that are in the greater interests of the Bhutanese public through donations and contributions.

In addition, DGPC conducts Baza Guru Dungdrup and drupchhen at Chhukha Zangdopelri, and Mani Dungdrup at Rinchentse lhakhang annually. Further, the disaster management teams at the power plants provide rescue and support during accidents, fires and other emergencies along the Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway. A major initiative was the establishment of early childhood care and development centres across all DGPC offices. This has eased the burden on working parents, resulting in efficiency at workplace.

There has been immense uncertainty with the global outbreak of COVID-19 impacting lives and economies across the world. Bhutan is no exception. Hence, DGPC took necessary measures to limit the impact of the pandemic on its employees and businesses, and ensure strict compliance to all safety and health protocols. In consultation with the shareholder DHI, DGPC introduced the following timely and essential measures for the safety and wellbeing of its employees:

  • Standard Operating Procedure for Business Continuity Plan, where a critical importance was placed to provide and continue emergency O&M teams in isolation at all the power plants so that the operation of the power plants would not be disrupted in case of an outbreak of Covid-19 in the community
  • Work from Home Guideline to ensure no disruption to business under the new norm of working remotely and ensuring employee safety
  • Guideline for Mental Well-Being: DGPC employees were sensitised on the possibilities of mental well-being issues that could emerge under the conditions of the strict pandemic lock down protocols, and coping mechanisms
  • In line with the National Preparedness and Response Plan, a core team was trained and equipped at all the hydropower plants to disinfect and decontaminate critical workplaces like the control room, machine hall, workshops, and switchyards, and also support DGPC’s subsidiary companies and projects as and when required

DGPC also contributed Nu. 550 million to DHI’s efforts in providing support to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. An incinerator valued at Nu. 2.42 million was donated to the Ministry of Health to be used for incinerating Covid-19 related waste from the hospitals.

Further, as an institutional partner of Women in Power Sector Professional Network in South Asia (WePOWER), DGPC nominated five female employees as counsellors to raise awareness on workplace and sexual harassment, and promote safe working environment. DGPC also supported outreach programs through the WePOWER initiative for creating awareness on business operations of DGPC, sensitising on career opportunities and promoting normative change regarding women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the nearby schools in the vicinity of the power plants.