Hydropower Plants

64 MW Capacity


The 64 MW Basochhu Hydropower Plant, located in Wangduephodrang dzongkhag, is one of the power plants (profit centre) of Druk Green Power Corporation Limited (DGPC).

336 MW Capacity


The 336 MW Chhukha Hydropower Plant, located at Chhukha dzongkhag in the south-western part of Bhutan, is the oldest power plant (profit centre) of Druk Green Power Corporation Limited (DGPC).

60 MW Capacity


The Kurichhu Hydropower Plant is located at Gyalpozhing, Mongar, on the Kurichhu River in Eastern Bhutan.

1020 MW Capacity


The Tala Project is located in Chhukha, Western Bhutan, just downstream of the Chhukha Project.

Generation Details (November 2021)

Capacity (MW)
Generation (MU)
Domestic Sale (MU)
Exports (MU)
Capture O
 STATION NAME  10th January 2022
CHP 122.7 MW
KHP 22.4 MW
THP 0.0 MW
 DGPC 170.0 MW
DHPC 28.1 MW
MHEP 136.0 MW
Capture Nov


Druk Green Consultancy

Druk Green Consultancy was established to build competencies in hydropower development to provide expert services within the country, and eventually provide services beyond the Kingdom. DGC has acquired sufficient

Hydropower Research & Development Centre

HRDC was set up to develop experts who can undertake specialized works and focus on research-oriented services to improve efficiency and HRDC shares its experiences and competencies by imparting training and participating

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Corporate Social Responsibility

DGPC, in fulfilling its vision and mission, plays a major role in supporting the communities through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. DGPC continues to improve the quality of life of the communities through long-term value creation for all stakeholders. This objective is for aligning DGPC’s CSR with Bhutan’s overarching development policy of “Gross National Happiness”.

Towards achieving this, DGPC continues to support community related religious, educational, social, and environmental activities that are in the greater interests of the Bhutanese public through donations and contributions.

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