Hydropower Training Centre

With the growth in diversification activities within the sector, DGPC needs to invest in developing institutional and technical capabilities within the organisation towards the creation of a leading state-of-the-art power utility. The success of diversification would depend largely on the hydropower sector’s ability to attract, train and retain the best employees from the market. Presently, most of the reskilling is being done through training programmes and higher studies at institutions outside of Bhutan. There is therefore a huge opportunity for a training institute dedicated to meeting the requirements of the power sector.

Hydropower Training Centre (HTC) was set up in 2021 to leverage the competencies of DGPC’s existing knowledge centres and specialised units for the training and development of human resources required for DGPC and the hydropower sector. The centre provides formal and structured skills training for technical skills required in the operations and maintenance of hydropower plants and focuses on reskilling and upskilling DGPC employees.

HTC is exploring expanding the services to other companies in the transmission, distribution and hydropower construction segments within Bhutan and reviewing opportunities to provide service out of Bhutan. HTC will also collaborate with external agencies and initiate institutional linkages to develop and provide formal certification courses within the centre.